Building my layout

When choosing to build my layout I wanted something I could easily move if needed. I chose 3' x 8' to save room. My last layout I kept in the garage but in arizona where the temperature is over 100 a large part of the year I wanted to move this layout in the house. My room is 12' x 12' so space is an issue. Most layouts are usually setup as racetracks with two or more racers. I wanted mine to be more like a train set that I could detail up like a town. I probobly could have added the train in if I made a 4 x 8 board but my room is also used for creating and designing. I chose a one player setup with Junction turnoffs for variety. racing around the same roadway get boring after the 3rd lap. I use electric switch tenders and a custom made switch that hooks up to the 1960's Model Motoring tracks from under the track board. I have Four junction turnoffs so I can change direction whenever I choose. I have toggle switches mounted on the front face of the track for easy access.